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Expertise, cutting-edge technologies and customer focus are the qualities condensed in the work that is done daily by Dauna, the car repair in Foggia , which since 2009 it is the reference point for all those drivers and owners of industrial vehicles seeking a safe and repair service quality.


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Only by visiting the sector professionals periodically you can get reliable driving of your vehicle. The Dauna workshop, with the most modern repair techniques given by the sector and equipment at the forefront, it provides a complete mechanical assistance service for everyone industrial vehicles.

The Officina Meccanica Dauna is at the service of customers almost forty years of experience in the field of mechanical repairs vehicles of various brands, obtaining over time an important baggage of skills that can be used in the repair of industrial vehicles.

Indeed, it workshop staff is specialized in vehicle repairs industrial, small vans, buses and agricultural tractors of the best brands in circulation such as Iveco, Scania, Renault, Volvo, Das, Isuzu, Nissan.
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Procedures for issuing a coupon

Interventions on the braking system

In addition to performing diagnosis and mechanical repairs on each type of vehicle by acting on the various components of the clutch, the gearbox and the differential, the Officina Meccanica Dauna deals with the resolution of problems regarding the braking system and puts into effect all those procedures for issuing the coupon. The car repair also carries out interventions of suspension replacement and overhaul of mechanical tachographs, in compliance with the rules concerning the assembly, calibration and unloading of data and maintenance of these tools.

Experience and technological innovation


The highly qualified staff joined the endowment of instruments cutting-edge guarantee the customer a reliable, fast and reliable service rule of art. Moreover, in all the work carried out and in case of breakdowns of a component of the engine or of the braking system, the personnel in charge repair shop will replace it using only original spare parts and guaranteed by mother house.
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